JuneLyfe (Retrospek) Interview

JuneLyfe (Retrospek)

Boston-area native JuneLyfe (Retrospek) spoke with DJ Eclipse about his beginnings recording music as an emcee for 20+ years. He spoke on his early days as a singer, later transitioning into battle rapping, and forming the Hip Hop group Retrospek along with emcee SPNDA and…

Ran Reed "Still Commanding Respect" Interview

Ran Reed talks Still Commanding Respect album

Paterson, NJ producer/emcee Ran Reed has released his latest solo album, Still Commanding Respect. Making his introduction in 1999 with “The Introduction” featuring Cella Dwellas, Ran followed up in 2012 with the compilation album, Respect The Architect 1992-1998, collaborating with producer Nick Wiz. Still Commanding…

K-Born The Classical Two Interview
D.V. Alias Khryst Non Phixion Interview
DJ Illegal (Snowgoons) Goon Bap Interview

DJ Illegal talks Goon Bap album by Snowgoons

DJ Illegal is front man of the most popular Hip Hop producer collective from Germany, the Snowgoons. Celebrating their 10-year anniversary since the group’s first release, Snowgoons have released Goon Bap, their latest effort to revive the 90s with some of Hip Hop’s most legendary…

D.V. Alias Khryst Redman Interview
Paradise Grey Big Daddy Kane Interview
Venomous2000 Sounds of the Great Ones Interview

Venomous2000 talks Sounds Of The Great Ones album

Venomous2000 is a long-time emcee, videographer, and artists from New Jersey. He linked up with Trilian, a producer from Serbia and ended up recording a full album together called Sounds Of The Great Ones. The project was a year in the making, but the two…

PMD (EPMD) announces new album Business Mentality

PMD from the legendary Long Island crew EPMD has graced the studio in Sirius XM to speak with DJ Eclipse. PMD has been recording a solo album Business Mentality that is set to release Summer 2017. He talks about having fun in the vocal booth…