Madhattan, Pounds & 448 Brad | Freestyle

Madhattan’s new album “Brown Water Bible” is produced by IceRocks and out now. Pounds new album “Trafficante” produced by Buckwild is also out now. Pounds brought 448 Brad through the show with him. Check out all of them get busy.

Milano Constantine | Freestyle

Milano Constantine is killing those verses. Make sure you pick up his album “Boulevard Author” entirely produced by Showbiz as well as the DITC Studios Vol. 2 album which he’s featured on. And his newest EP with Planet Asia just dropped courtesy of DJ Enyoutee. Peep the freestyle here.

Ruste Juxx & Skanks The Rap Martyr | Freestyle

Ruste Juxx has two new albums out. “Magma” entirely produced by Tone Spliff and “Culturally Rich” entirely produced by BigBob. The new single Juxx has out “Permanent Damage” also features Rap Is Outta Control’s own DJ Eclipse as well as Skanks The Rap Martyr. And Skanks has a new album…

Banish Habitual & Supreme Cerebral | Freestyle

Banish Habitual & Supreme Cerebral freestyle from their recent visit to RIOC.  Make sure to pick up Banish’s “Singularity Season” album as well as Supreme’s “Hattori Hanzo” album.  We also had Da Odd Couple (Rob Swift & Mista Sinista) on the show and their new EP “Da Odd Couple” is…

Mazzi & Homeboy Sandman | Freestyle

Here’s the freestyle session from Mazzi (S.O.U.L. Purpose) and Homeboy Sandman from their visit to RIOC. Make sure to pick up Mazzi & Tac’s “S.O.U.L. Broke Forever” EP and Sandman’s “Dusty” album which are both out now.

Black Moon | Interview

Black Moon interview from their recent visit to RIOC. Make sure to pick up their new album “Rise Of Da Moon” produced by Da Beatminerz.

Da Beatminerz (Mr. Walt & Evil Dee) | Interview

Da Beatminerz just produced the Black Moon “Rise Of Da Moon” album. We had both Da Beatminerz & Black Moon up at RIOC last week to discuss the album. We also had a chance to dive into the early beginnings of Da Beatminerz history before Black Moon showed up. Some…

Black Moon | Freestyle

Black Moon’s new album “Rise Of Da Moon” is out now on Duck Down Records. It’s entirely produced by Da Beatminerz (Mr. Walt & Evil Dee). Here’s the freestyle session from their visit to RIOC.

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