Smif N Wessun | Interview

Always great catching up with the mighty Tek & Steele. Here’s a clip from Smif N Wessun’s interview about their new album “The All” produced by 9th Wonder & The Soul Council on their recent visit to RIOC.

The Legion | Interview

The Legion breaks down how Molecules and Chucky Smash met each other first, Cules’ introduction to producing and the making of Jingle Jangle, their first single released back in ’93.

The Legion | Freestyle

Bronx natives The Legion just dropped a new album entitled “Three The Bronx Way”. Check out Chucky Smash & Diceman get busy from last week’s RIOC show when they came by to talk about the album and their history. And also check for Diceman’s “The…

Pop The Brown Hornet & Fantom Of The Beat | Interview

Staten Island royalty came through RIOC last week. Pop The Brown Hornet who many will remember from his classic 90s joint “Black On Black Crime” stopped by with his son Don Dollars to promote his new album “Foreman Mandela”. The album is almost entirely produced…

38 Spesh, Che Noir & D.V. Alias Khryst | Freestyle

D.V. Alias Khryst came through RIOC to promote his new album “Music”.We also had 38 Spesh who brought up his new artist Che Noir.  Spesh just dropped an EP called “5 Shots” and a full album “38 Strategies Of Raw” which both feature Che. Click the link to hear the rawness.

Ace Clark, Jay Royale & Sauce Heist | Freestyle

Ace Clark, Jay Royale and Sauce Heist came through RIOC to discuss music. Ace’s new album “Black Privilege” is out now. Jay’s “The Ivory Stoop” and Sauce’s “Diamond Dust Shoes” are both available now through Trevor Lang’s Check out the freestyle and support the…

El Da Sensei, Diceman & Sadat X | Freestyle

Sadat X & El Da Sensei have a new album out called “XL”. They came by RIOC to talk about that as well as what’s going on with their other groups, Brand Nubian and Artifacts. We also had The Diceman from The Legion up in…

Sean Strange & Born Unique | Freestyle

Sean Strange visited RIOC last week to talk about his recent EP with Scott G “Tommy & Ghost” as well as his upcoming album “Street Urchin 2”. And the Grime Lords (Born Unique & Pete Twist) were there to discuss putting together their album “Wimbledon…

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