Mazzi & Homeboy Sandman | Freestyle

Here’s the freestyle session from Mazzi (S.O.U.L. Purpose) and Homeboy Sandman from their visit to RIOC. Make sure to pick up Mazzi & Tac’s “S.O.U.L. Broke Forever” EP and Sandman’s “Dusty” album which are both out now.

Mazzi S.O.U.L. Purpose Interview
Mazzi Fokis J Crenshaw Stryfe DJ Eclipse Freestyle

Mazzi, Fokis, J. Crenshaw, & Stryfe | Freestyle

DJ Eclipse hosted another great show of talented guests, this time with NYC residents Mazzi and Fokis, as well as Virginia artist J. Crenshaw and Detroit artist Stryfe. Fokis has spearheaded the album Everyday People from group Local-Mu12 in which Crenshaw and Stryfe appear on….