Harbor Kidz & Supa Emcee | Freestyle 7/16/23

Guests for this show were Harbor Kidz (Jamil Honesty & Squeegie O) and Supa Emcee.

Harbor Kidz are working on a new album now, but their debut album “Harbor Kidz” which dropped last year digitally is just now seeing a physical release.  Make sure to pick up a copy.  You can also check Jamil Honesty’s new album “The God’s Honest Truth” on all digital platforms as well as Squeegie Oblong’s latest album “After These Messages“.

Supa Emcee just dropped a new album “Obsidian” which you can find on all digital platforms.  He also came through RIOC with Rob Schwartz of Who?Mag who is handling distribution for Sup’s album.  Additionally, Supa brought through Mama Shu who is doing some incredible work in her community in Detroit.  

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