Breakbeat Lou talks Oh No producing for Ultimate Breaks & Beats

Breakbeat Lou Interview

DJ/producer Breakbeat Lou has played a significant role in the world of Hip Hop production and DJs. As a record digger since 1978, there was a sense of pride and secrecy for DJs and producers to not reveal which records were used/sampled for their music. Breakbeat Lou along with partner Lenny Roberts released Ultimate Breaks & Beats in 1986, a series of records that broke all the rules from the past. UBB became a series of 25 compilation albums released from 1986-1991 that included drum breaks from 1966-1984, revealing the names and titles to some of the most popular breaks and Hip Hop’s best kept secrets. Now teaming up with Peanut Butter Wolf at Stones Throw Records, Breakbeat Lou has released the first volume of his newest UBB series; Ultimate Breaks & Beats presents: Oh No. Oh No is a highly-acclaimed Stones Throw producer from Oxnard, CA; a genius in his own right and younger brother of the infamous Madlib. Check out this video interview with Breakbeat Lou and purchase Ultimate Breaks & Beats presents: Oh No.

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