Cymarshall Law “Hip Hop In The Soul 3” Interview

Cymarshall Law traveled to NYC all the way from New Jersey to talk with DJ Eclipse about his latest album, Hip Hop In The Soul 3. Entirely produced by Mr. JoeKer from Hungary, Cymarshall explains how they first met in 2006 when the late PH (Pumpkinhead) introduced them. In 2006, Cymarshall flew to Hungary to meet Mr. JoeKer and the two have worked together ever since. A mixtape, The Main Character, was released in preparation to Hip Hop In The Soul 3 as a collection of dope songs that did not fit the album concept. Hip Hop In The Soul 3 includes features from Planet Asia, Homeboy Sandman, Eternia, Nyari Simmons, Black Belt Poemz, Queen Herawin, Black Ice, Gyovanni, and Jordan Sokel. Purchase Hip Hop In The Soul 3 at

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