Joell Ortiz on working with Domingo for the That’s Hip Hop album | Interview

That’s Hip Hop is the latest album from Joell Ortiz in collaboration with super-producer Domingo. Both Brooklyn artists have worked on one-off songs together for several years, with conflicting schedules preventing them from creating a full-length album together until recently. That’s Hip Hop is the name of the 10-track album and Joell comments “we’re keeping it funky, we’re keeping it fun, over that vintage boom bap”. In this interview with DJ Eclipse, Joell describes the steps he took as a young emcee in order to advance in his career, which ultimately led to a record deal with Dr. Dre and the creation of Slaughterhouse. He goes on to talk about which emcees currently motivate him to write lyrics and the benefits of working with a single product for an entire project. Joell also introduced front man Jovi from the Hip Hop band he signed, NewDay. Purchase That’s Hip Hop.

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