Napoleon Da Legend talks J. Cole diss song “E.Cole.Lie”

Napoleon Da Legend "E.Cole.Lie" J. Cole Diss Song

Napoleon Da Legend is no stranger to lyricism and wordplay. In this interview segment with DJ Eclipse, Napoleon talks about his diss song to J. Cole, titled “E.Cole.Lie”. The diss track stems from two J. Cole songs, “False Prophet” and “Everybody Dies”, that appeared on his 40-minute Eyez documentary. There was a line about dissing rappers who have Napoleon complex and many people close to Da Legend planted the seed in his head to react. After writing under the assumption that the song reference him, Napoleon released “E.Cole.Lie” onto the Internet for anyone to find. Soon enough, Napoleon’s Twitter feed was flooded with angry J. Cole fans. Napoleon welcomes J. Cole to an official rhyming challenge and notes “E.Cole.Lie” as a warning shot. Check out Napoleon’s latest project, Steal This Mixtape Too.

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