Prodigy & Sam Scarfo discuss new albums Young Rollin’ Stonerz and 5 Million Stories

Mobb Deep’s Prodigy and close affiliate Sam Scarfo showed up to @RapIsOuttaCntrl to promote their new projects on Prodigy’s independent label, Infamous Records. Sam Scarfo is releasing 5 Million Stories Vol. 1 & 2 produced entirely by Ski Beatz. Prodigy collaborated with Boogz Boogetz under the duo name Young Rollin’ Stonerz. In this video interview with DJ Eclipse, Prodigy talks about meeting Boogz and appreciating his work ethic. P and Sam discuss the pros and cons of being artists on an independent label. Prodigy also has plans to release his upcoming projects on vinyl along with special packaging for fans that purchase the limited edition physical copies.

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