Non Phixion 20th Anniversary Reunion Tour 2015

Non Phixion Reunion Tour 2015

The original members have reunited. No, the CIA did not kill them and you can say goodbye to yesterday, because this is a new year and a new tour. ILL BILL, Goretex, Sabac, and DJ Eclipse are celebrating their 20th anniversary as the legendary hip hop group Non Phixion. This 8-date tour is going down throughout Canada and it’s up to the fans to determine how much further their touring will go. Buy tickets from your local venue and make sure to support this group for all the work they’ve put in over the years.

  • April 21 – Fortune – Vancouver, BC
  • April 23 – Dickens Pub – Calgary, AB
  • April 24 – Draft Bar & Grill – Edmonton, AB
  • April 25 – O’Brian’s Event Centre – Saskatoon, SK
  • April 26 – Union Sound Hall – Winnipeg, MB
  • April 30 – The Rockpile – Toronto, ON
  • May 1 – Newspeak – Montreal, QC
  • May 2 – Ritual – Ottawa, ON

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