Blacastan Uncanny Adventures Watson Holmes Interview
Blacastan Motif Alumni David Bars Freestyle

Blacastan, Motif Alumni, & David Bars | Freestyle

DJ Eclipse welcomed D.I.T.C. affiliates David Bars and Motif Alumni to the show, as well as returning guest Blacastan from The Demigodz. Blacastan dropped a new album with Stu Bangas called The Uncanny Adventures Of Watson & Holmes. David Bars will be releasing a free…

Blacastan | Freestyle

Connecticut emcee Blacastan of The Demigodz and Army Of The Pharaohs stops by the studio to promote his new album with producer Stu Bangas. The project is called Watson & Holmes. Check out this freestyle from Blacastan to end off the show.