Blacastan, Motif Alumni, & David Bars | Freestyle

Blacastan Motif Alumni David Bars Freestyle

DJ Eclipse welcomed D.I.T.C. affiliates David Bars and Motif Alumni to the show, as well as returning guest Blacastan from The Demigodz. Blacastan dropped a new album with Stu Bangas called The Uncanny Adventures Of Watson & Holmes. David Bars will be releasing a free download of his 10-track project that has yet to be titled, followed by a full-length album. Emcee/producer Motif has produced most of the songs on David Bars’ album as well as some recent tracks for O.C. and D.I.T.C. Check out the freestyle video with Blacastan, Motif Alumni, and David Bars.

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