Masta Ace remembers recording “The Symphony” with The Juice Crew | Interview

MC Serch and Masta Ace were guests recently on Rap Is Outta Control with DJ Eclipse. Serch couldn’t help ask Ace about his favorite Hip Hop posse record “The Symphony” and how the recording process went down. Ace goes into detail about how MC Shan was originally supposed to be on the song, but didn’t show up to the studio that day. Craig G needed a ride to the session and Masta Ace offered to drive as he was interested in hearing the outcome of the song. When each emcee has their verses ready and it was time to record, there was hesitation in the room of which emcee would record first. Marley Marl asked Ace to break the ice by recording a test verse. Masta Ace recorded a verse that he had written and memorized prior, and everyone liked it enough to keep him on the song and as a member of The Juice Crew. 28 years later, Masta Ace is still recording music with consistent quality. Check out his latest album The Falling Season with KIC Beats.

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