MC Serch, Kev Brown, Masta Ace, & DJ Eclipse talk sitting on beats | Interview

We had a serious conversation at Hip Hop Nation about producers and the beats that they pass out. MC Serch was wondering how Kev Brown and Masta Ace feel about producers in 2016 and if they’re still highly inspired by other’s music. Serch asked the daunting question of how long should a producer wait for an artist to use their beat before it’s time to withdraw the beat and make sure it gets released in a timely manner. Masta Ace shares a story on how he obtained a beat from DJ Premier after it was already given to another artist. DJ Eclipse also shared a story of Non Phixion waiting six years for an artist to use a beat before claiming it for themselves. The consensus in the room was that six years is more than enough of a grace period before stepping in. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section.

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